N&R Introduces Ankur Parikh

N&R Engineering is proud to have a team that not only is experienced with a wide range of technical skills, but also works collaboratively to make sure that our clients receive the best results possible.

We would like to introduce you to Ankur Parikh, one of our Structural Engineers, through a Q + A session as she talks about her main responsibilities, accomplishments, and her experience on N&R’s Structural team.

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N&R Engineering Welcomes George Thomas

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation would like to announce the newest member of our team, George Thomas. As Research Controls Engineer, George will be working on a variety of dynamic systems analysis and distributed engine controls projects at NASA Glenn Research Center.

In order to properly introduce George to our distinguished engineering community, we asked him a couple of questions to help everyone get to know him a little better.

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N&R Engineering Launches New Website

N&R Engineering is excited to share our new, responsive website! Over the last 15 years, N&R has accomplished many different goals, enhanced our set of capabilities, and improved processes.

Keeping our user in mind, we feel that our website delivers an easy-to-use navigation and a strong site architecture while also adapting nicely to mobile and tablet formats.

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N&R Demonstrates Feasibility of a New Hybrid Turbine Blade Concept

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation investigated a concept for a new gas turbine blade that is a hybrid of a metal and a ceramic matrix composite (CMC). The hybrid blade could enable higher operating temperatures and lower operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption. The hybrid blade takes advantage of the higher temperature capability of the CMC, while simultaneously reducing the risks associated with attaching the CMC blade to the turbine disk. Our research demonstrated concept feasibility culminating in the fabrication and durability testing of hybrid coupons.

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