You Asked, We Responded

Our main goal at N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation is to ensure that we’re consistently providing our community with the best customer service, applicable capabilities, quality work, and extensive support.

Last month, we asked our clients, friends, and partners to address any feedback that they wanted to provide us through a survey.

We were excited to see the results and thank everyone who responded.

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N&R Engineering Would Like Your Feedback

2015 was a fantastic year and we want to thank our community for supporting our company. Now making our way into 2016, N&R is looking forward to helping our clients achieve their endeavors in the new year. 

Our main goal is not only to provide our clients with the best product possible, but also to make sure that the process of each project is handled with precision and punctuality.

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N&R Engineering + Ohio Aerospace Institute

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation is a partner of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). Joining a group of esteemed small businesses, the partnership is intended to help businesses of our size grow their projects and advance the community in the field of engineering. This collaboration is also intended to foster new jobs in the fields of science and technology.

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N&R Engineering has recently added a new project to our Current Work portfolio: Physics-Based MDAO Tool for CMC Blades and Vanes Conceptual Design

The proposed work entails developing a reliability analysis tool consistent with conceptual-level design for ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine blades and vanes. The analysis software will comprise a suite of physics-based discipline specific analysis code modules. The objective of this analysis tool is to develop optimal material properties, internal and external geometries for a cooled vane/blade using aerothermal, and structural (including creep) analyses.

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Air Force SBIR

N&R Engineering has recently added a new project to our Current Work portfolio: Uncertainty Quantification of Test Derived Model Parameters for Life Prediction of Composite Bolted Joints in an ICME Framework

This program implements a Bayesian framework for uncertainty quantification of material parameters needed for life prediction of polymer matrix composite (PMC) bolted joints. Accurate estimations of fatigue strength parameters and their distributions are needed for durability assessment of composite airframes with bolted joints.

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