3 Keys to Running a Successful Small Business: An Office Manager Perspective

All businesses have their challenges and successes. For small businesses, it’s all about our community and relationships. What ensures our success?

  • Maintaining relationships with clients
  • Encouraging a strong, leadership-oriented environment
  • Consistently completing our work with strong results

With a proud and dedicated 16 years of service under our belt, we believe in our process, structure, and community. Most importantly, we believe in our incredible staff.

One of our greatest assets at N&R Engineering is our Office Manager, Kathy Paulitzky. Kathy is a master at handling our day-to-day activities and is mindful of all upcoming deadlines.

Being a key component to our success, we recently asked Kathy to weigh in on what she thinks makes N&R a successful small business.

Here’s her take on small business leadership:

  • Managing office relationships and day-to-day activities encourages consistency and ensures work is completed on time.
  • Assisting the N&R staff on client projects builds morale and allows every employee at N&R to believe that there is a team behind them.
  • Setting a positive attitude is an absolute must in small businesses. Employees need to feel valued and empowered so they are always ready to take on the next challenge.

Kathy has been with N&R Engineering for over 12 years and is a huge asset to our staff. From maintaining relationships with clients to ensuring our office is equipped with every material we need, Kathy is vital component in our process.

To learn more about Kathy, please click here.





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