A Discussion with Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas on the Future of Our Industry

What does the future look like in our industry? What kind of attributes will be valuable in a small business partner in 5 or 10 years? N&R Engineering’s very own, Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas, weighs in on the topic in this one-on-one discussion.

  • What is your favorite part about working in the Structural Analysis Area?

I like the variety of problems that you come across and the wide variety of solutions. While a lot of problems can seem, and even sometimes are similar, there are often applications or requirements that can take what may seem like a mundane problem and make it truly unique.

For example, if you were to take a basic support structure and load it symmetrically, the solution would be fairly simple. However, if the same structure were to be loaded asymmetrically then the solution could be complicated significantly. Add varying environmental conditions and seemingly simple problems become much more interesting.

  • What are the challenges in technology you see in the near and distant future for small businesses?

The biggest challenge I see is keeping up with the ever changing developments in analytical tools and processes. There are so many out there, and methods are constantly changing and improving that it can seem like a daunting task even for larger companies to keep on top of.

  • How do N&R’s current capabilities address these challenges?

N&R strives to offer our customers top of the line analytical tools, methods, and expertise. Because customer service is our first priority, our goal is to always work through any challenges that we experience throughout the project process. This often requires returning to the drawing board and drafting potential solutions as a team.

  • What can N&R do to make sure we consistently capitalize on strategic opportunities in the future? (patents, facilities, technology, etc.)

The best thing we can do is to ensure that our methods and tools meet or exceed what is currently in industry. Developing our own tools and techniques can help keep us one step ahead of our competitors. This way, we can offer our customers a truly unique analytical solution that we own in totality.


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