4 Notable Qualities of Every N&R Employee

What qualities does N&R Engineering look for in an employee? President + CEO of N&R, Dr. Vinod Nagpal, weighs in on the subject:

“The talent pool for our industry is exceptional, but finding the right fit for our culture and brand is even more exceptional. Surpassing client expectations is our number one priority at N&R and we make sure that we find employees who champion this same philosophy. After 35 years in this line of work, here’s what I deem valuable”:

Good Technical Expertise. The employees at N&R are assigned to a task/client based on their strengths, both technical and non-technical. It is expected that each team member have the proper foundation to deliver assigned technical task milestones. Opportunities to train are provided to help make sure our employees can succeed should they need it.

Motivation To Grow. Employees are given flexible work schedules so that they not only complete the tasks at hand, but have the opportunity to think “outside the box.” Innovation and growth are key ingredients of success, particularly in a small business environment like ours. The atmosphere we provide is supportive and conducive to making sure our team members are focused and more than capable of completing their assigned work. Understanding our environment and industry landscape can yield huge benefits.

Accountability. Employees are expected to take full ownership of their roles. Meeting deadlines, producing deliverables, and exceeding expectations are core competencies at N&R and we expect that from each team member.

Solid Communication Skills. Client communication is an essential part of our day-to-day activity. Interacting with clients regularly to receive input and incorporate it into the work plan and deliverables at hand are core responsibilities. Poised, concise, and fluid communication is our mantra.

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