N&R Engineering Hosts Parma City School Students

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation recently welcomed 5 graduating seniors from the Parma City School district that were looking to learn more about the Aerospace Engineering field.

In efforts to enrich our academic community and help students pursue career opportunities in STEM fields, this was a memorable experience for both the students and the N&R Engineering staff. Presentations were given by our very own Dr. Vinod Nagpal, President + CEO, and George Thomas, Senior Research Engineer, on the advancements N&R has made in the aerospace engineering industry.

The students were accompanied by Chuck Caldwell, CBS Coordinator at Parma City School district. He was able to provide us these words from his group visit:

“N&R Engineering was able to provide a very well organized and informative site visit opportunity to five senior students from the Aerospace Design course at Valley Forge High School.  The five students were provided the opportunity to engage in conversation with professionals in the realm of Engineering and get a good snapshot of a day in the life of an Aerospace Engineer as well as learn about the types of projects that they work on.  All of the students’ questions about the career path and education level of the employees and the projects the company works on were answered professionally with thoughtful and knowledgeable responses.  The students left with a better understanding about the career then before they arrived and were very excited about their futures upon departure.  I would highly recommend this opportunity to any high school student who is interested in learning more about Aerospace Engineering.” 

Continuously interested in providing opportunities to help students of all ages grow, we hope to fill the Aerospace field with curious and intelligent minds in the future.


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