Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Air-Borne and Space-Borne Laser Operations

N&R Engineering supported NASA Langley in performing Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) of human eye injury that may be caused by lidar equipment deployed on space-borne platforms and airborne vehicles.

N&R Engineering is calculating the risk of eye injury on the following platforms:

  1. Space-borne projects;
    1. MESCAL (a satellite monitoring the evolving state of clouds and Aerosol layers)
    2. CALIPSO (a satellite-borne lidar system that is currently flying)
    3. International Space Station
  1. Airborne projects:
    1. HSRL2
    2. LASE
    3. UV-DIAL
    4. 1202 raman lidar
    5. HSRL
    6. Micropulse ozone DIAL
    7. IDPA lidar

N&R Engineering was the lead in developing the presentation that NASA Langley delivered at the MESCAL meeting held in Paris on September 30, 2015. This presentation included a systematic PRA approach and quantitative estimates of risk of eye injuries for the aided and unaided viewers on Earth. Highly praised by all attendees, this presentation was well received by the international community that works directly in this area.

N&R Engineering is performing this task as a subcontractor to MTECH, a prime contractor to NASA Langley for Mission Assurance.

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