N&R Engineering + Ohio Aerospace Institute

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation is a partner of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). Joining a group of esteemed small businesses, the partnership is intended to help businesses of our size grow their projects and advance the community in the field of engineering. This collaboration is also intended to foster new jobs in the fields of science and technology.

As part of this partnership, OAI hosts events that gives small businesses like N&R a chance to interact with colleagues and potential business customers in our fields of specialty. Additionally, research opportunities are often granted.

N&R Engineering is proud to be a member of the Small Business Network and looks forward to building this relationship in the future.

Other benefits of the Small Business Network include:

  • Access to supply chain programs with OEMS and Tier 1
  • Direct interaction with NASA and Air Force Research Lab Technology Areas
  • Connections and participation with international trade events
  • Discounts for artificial intelligence software and data analytics
  • Discounts for automated shop floor technologies and workforce training programs through OAI’s Strategic Technology Automation Revolution (STAR) initiative

If you have any questions, please contact us.