N&R Introduces Ankur Parikh

N&R Engineering is proud to have a team that not only is experienced with a wide range of technical skills, but also works collaboratively to make sure that our clients receive the best results possible.

We would like to introduce you to Ankur Parikh, one of our Structural Engineers, through a Q + A session as she talks about her main responsibilities, accomplishments, and her experience on N&R’s Structural team.

N&R Team: What are your main responsibilities as Research Structural Engineer II?

Ankur: My primary responsibilities include outlining project parameters, understanding client objective and scope of work, and collaborating with other members on the structural team.

From a technical standpoint, my responsibilities include creating 2D or 3D models, conducting finite element analysis, troubleshooting, making reports, and analyzing results in a format specified by our client.

N&R Team: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment to be in this role?

Ankur: Generally speaking, I consider finishing a project on time and ensuring client satisfaction to be a significant accomplishment.

Personally speaking, my undergraduate degree was in irrigation and water management and my Master’s degree was in Structural Engineering. A common career path for Structural Engineers was to work in the construction industry, which is where I began. After some time, I knew I had the capacity to work on variety of projects for a full range of industries, not just one. N&R Engineering has given me the opportunity to expand my portfolio of work and capabilities and I consider that to be my biggest accomplishment.

N&R Team: What do you perceive is the biggest strength of the Structural team at N&R?

Ankur: N&R boasts a strong structural team, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Working alongside some very intelligent engineers has been a great learning experience for me as we take a strong, collaborative approach towards many of the projects we complete. Combining the experience, insight, and knowledge of an entire team is not only an asset for team members individually but also ensures that we are delivering the best product for our clients. Aside from client work, my structural peers are truly a joy to be around.

N&R Team: What is one personal fact about you?

Ankur: Cooking is my passion. I love trying out different recipes, especially sweets! My husband and children love dessert. 

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