N&R Demonstrates Feasibility of a New Hybrid Turbine Blade Concept

N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation investigated a concept for a new gas turbine blade that is a hybrid of a metal and a ceramic matrix composite (CMC). The hybrid blade could enable higher operating temperatures and lower operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption. The hybrid blade takes advantage of the higher temperature capability of the CMC, while simultaneously reducing the risks associated with attaching the CMC blade to the turbine disk. Our research demonstrated concept feasibility culminating in the fabrication and durability testing of hybrid coupons.

Garnering positive awareness, we shared our findings with the engineering community in Cocoa Beach, Florida where we presented at the 38th Annual Conference on Composite Materials and Structures. Additionally, the results of this project are going to be published in NASA’s Tech Briefs magazine this Spring while a patent application is in progress.

We have developed a technology maturation roadmap and are currently pursuing several sources of funding to implement these plans.

We are extremely proud of the N&R staff and their ability to drive results. See our Current Work for more information.

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