th  Functional Fault Models are directed graph representations of failure effect propagation paths. They can be used to diagnose a failure mode based on sensor measurements, analysis of sensor coverage of a system, isolation of specific failure signatures and failure mode ambiguity.

Qualtech Systems Inc.’s Testability Engineering And Maintenance System (TEAMS) Designer software was used by NASA centers to model the functional faults in ground and space systems. TEAMS Real-Time and Remote Diagnosis Server can be used in conjunction with the TEAMS-Designer model to monitor systems while in use in order to aid with fault detection, diagnosis and recovery.

N&R was involved in building and maintaining a model of Kennedy Space Center’s Cryogenic Testbed for the Advance Ground Systems Maintenance project. Our work included developing a verification, validation and accreditation plan that can be used across NASA centers for uniform model accreditation.

Services Provided:

  • Development of Functional Fault Models for Cryogenic Applications
  • Development and Implementation of Functional Fault Model Verification

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