th-1In support of NASA Glenn Research Center, N&R Engineering has authored multiple Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA) involving the new Ares 1 launch vehicle hazardous gas purge and detection systems.  We have also performed an FMEA on the primary upper stage structure.  These analyses identify component-level failure modes and their consequences in terms of severity.  They often form the basis for the basic failure events that populate subsequent probabilistic risk assessments in order to yield a quantitative reliability estimate at the system level.  FMEAs require a thorough understanding of the function and limitations of complex components and assemblies.

Services Provided:

  • Performed FMECAs for Ares 1-X Structures, Purge and Hazardous Gas Detection System (PHGDS), and Space Power Facility
  • Identified Failure Modes, Cause and Effects, Criticality and Potential Remedial Actions



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