In the last 15 years, N&R Engineering has produced work that has helped our clients achieve their goals. We’re extremely proud of what we have accomplished, making advancements from Composites Material Testing to Physiological Mathematical Modeling. Evolving our processes and technology has allowed us to meet our clients’ endeavors and ultimately, defined our company as a leader in our industry. If you have any questions as you’re browsing through our portfolio of completed projects, please feel free to contact us.

image001CMC Combustor Liner

N&R Engineering performed probabilistic structural analysis of a CMC combustor liner to estimate probabilities of failure of the liner under normal operating conditions. Learn more.

image002  CMC Vane FEA Probabilistic Results

Many of the problems we solve involve significant uncertainties in the input variables. A typical example is the use of an advanced high-temperature ceramic matrix composite material (CMC) such as silicon carbide in a turbine vane application. Learn more.

image003   Enhanced Engine Performance

During emergency scenarios such as when an aircraft’s normal flight control surfaces are inoperative or damaged, modulating engine power may be the only resort for the crew to safely land the plane. Working with NASA’s research engineers, we developed risk-based control algorithms that are able to increase engine performance beyond the maximum levels that were originally designed. Learn more.

glossy-3d-blue-plane-iconModel-Predictive Automatic Recovery System

N&R Engineering worked with engineers at NASA Glenn Research Center to develop a preliminary automated system aimed at preventing accidents for a transport aircraft during approaches and landings. Learn more.

 th  Aircraft Propulsion Modeling

N&R Engineering has been intimately involved in the development and enhancements of NASA propulsion system simulations. We have also worked with NASA to upgrade the modeling capabilities of the engine simulation, implementing the effects of high angle-of-attack inlet flows, heat soakage, and different fuel types on predicted engine performance. Learn more.

th-1  Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

In support of NASA Glenn Research Center, N&R Engineering has authored multiple Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA) involving the new Ares 1 launch vehicle hazardous gas purge and detection systems. Learn more.

user   Physiological Mathematical Modeling

Due to exposure to micro-gravity, astronauts are at an elevated risk of developing renal (kidney) stones upon returning to normal gravitational levels. Learn more.

th    Impeller Probabilistic Mistuning HCF Analyses

Minor differences in blade shape, structural properties, material properties, and flow field are inherently present among blades in all-bladed disks. Collectively, these minor variations are known as “mistuning.” N&R has investigated the impact of structural mistuning of centrifugal compressors on high cycle fatigue life.  Learn more.

th   Reliability Analysis of Space Vehicles

During the conceptual design studies that NASA often performs, there is a need to bring reliability predictions into the screening process as one of the evaluation metrics (along with mass, power, cost, and any other metrics). Learn more.

th   Integrated Vehicle Ground Vibration Test (IVGVT)

N&R Engineering provided structural and dynamic analysis support to NASA for the Integrated Vehicle Ground Vibration Test (IVGVT) of the Ares-I launch vehicle. The IVGVT was intended to simulate launch and flight conditions for multiple vehicle configurations for separate stages of the Ares-I flight. Learn more.

th    Composite Crew Module

A probabilistic structural analysis of an experimental Composite Crew Module (CCM) of the future spacecrafts was performed using Orion Crew Module design loads obtained from the NASA Johnson Space Center. Learn more.

th   Functional Fault Modeling

Function Fault Models are directed graph representations of failure effect propagation paths. They can be used to diagnose a failure mode based on sensor measurements, analysis of sensor coverage of a system, isolation of specific failure signatures and failure mode ambiguity. Learn more.

th High Pressure Hydrogen Storage Vessels

WireTough Cylinders LLC of Bristol, Virginia was selected by the Department of Energy as the primary investigator for a $2 million project to build low cost, high pressure hydrogen storage vessels using its patent pending steel wire over-wrap process. N&R Engineering is currently assisting WireTough with its design and analysis for this project. Learn more.

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