80-10092008-885350L  This program implements a Bayesian framework for uncertainty quantification of material parameters needed for life prediction of polymer matrix composite (PMC) bolted joints. Accurate estimations of fatigue strength parameters and their distributions are needed for durability assessment of composite airframes with bolted joints.

The proposed software tool will quantify the experimental random and bias errors encountered in fatigue testing of composites, and thereby eliminate the propagation of such errors when quantifying statistical distributions of fatigue strength parameters. Bayesian inferencing, shown in the figure below, of parameters for fatigue damage growth using macro-, meso- and micro-scale modeling approaches, with consistency in uncertainty distributions across these scales will advance the state of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) efforts for composite airframe structural life and durability assessments.

N&R Engineering will be submitting a proposal for Phase II and hopefully, will be granted to continue working on this  project beginning in 2016.

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