image001  This research project will investigate a concept to manufacture hybrid metal-ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine blades for use in gas turbine engines which could enable higher operating temperatures and therefore lower operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption. The hybrid turbine blade, Figure 1, utilizes a CMC comprising an integral airfoil section and a tang that extends into the metallic (single crystal superalloy) root. The CMC tang, encased in the single crystal superalloy clamshell, forms the root section. This mitigates many of the risks associated with an all-CMC blade design. The bond between the CMC and single crystal will be a combination of mechanical keying, which arises from the tang geometry, and clamping, which arises from thermal expansion mismatch.

At this time, a NASA sponsored Phase I SBIR project has been completed which demonstrated concept feasibility culminating in the fabrication and durability testing of a metal-ceramic shear coupon shown in Figure 2.

Services Provided:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling of Aerospace Components

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