canstock12124661 The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) was founded by several government and industry partners with the aim of significantly reducing the commercial aviation fatal accident rate in the United States and worldwide. The CAST plan consists of numerous Safety Enhancement (SE) items in support of this goal. N&R Engineering is working with NASA Glenn Research Center on SE 209, improving the modeling of high angle-of-attack (AOA) flight characteristics to enhance the fidelity of pilot training simulators.

Together with engineers at NASA Glenn, we developed an interface to link flight simulator hardware (Figure 1) with aircraft and engine models developed by NASA in MATLAB/Simulink and C. This allows us to “fly” these custom aircraft models using the flight simulator shown in Figure 1. Additionally, we performed simulated certification test flights to show that the simulator meets certain essential Federal Aviation Administration requirements and is thus representative of an actual aircraft.

We are also developing and implementing models that predict the effects of high AOA conditions on aircraft engine performance. High AOA flight causes pressure distortions in the inlet air flow to engines. We have modified the NASA Glenn-developed C-MAPSS40k turbofan engine simulation (Commercial Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation 40k) to include a parallel compressor architecture for the fan and low-pressure compressor components (Figure 2). This allows us to investigate the effects of high AOA-induced inlet distortions on engine performance. We have also integrated this enhanced engine model into the airframe model used by the flight simulator shown in Figure 1.

Service Provided:

  • Mathematical Modeling of Aerospace Components and System Performance


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