Our talented team is currently working on a wide spectrum of projects that vary from Software Development to Dynamic Systems Analysis, allowing us to showcase our primary technical strengths of reliability analysis, controls engineering, and analyzing aero-space structures built from composite materials.  If you have any questions as you’re browsing through our diversified portfolio, please feel free to contact us.

Software Box with CD Vista Blue   Software Development

N&R develops sophisticated engineering software tools for its clients that generally enable high-fidelity simulation of complex systems. Learn more.

th  Ceramic Vane

Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) vanes have increased temperature capabilities, and this can result in improved efficiency, and significant reductions in NOx pollution. Learn more.

th  Distributed Engine Controls

Due to environmental and structural constraints, control systems in engines typically have a centralized framework: the controller (FADEC) is attached to the engine through a casing that protects it from the high temperatures produced during operation and is connected to each sensor or actuator through a series of wires.  Learn more.

image001    Hybrid Turbine Blade Program

This project investigates a concept to manufacture hybrid metal-ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine blades for use in gas turbine engines which could enable higher operating temperatures and therefore lower operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption. Learn more.

th-1Dynamic Systems Analysis

Systems analysis is a process that involves using simulation data to study how components interact when combined to form a larger system. Learn more.

canstock12124661    Enhancing Flight Simulator Fidelity

The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) was founded by several government and industry partners with the aim of significantly reducing the commercial aviation fatal accident rate in the United States and worldwide. Learn more.

images Aeroelastic Study and Analysis of Turbomachinery Components

Aeroelasticity is the branch of physics and engineering that studies the interactions between the inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces that occur when an elastic body is exposed to a fluid flow. The primary objective of aeroelastic study and analysis of turbomachinery components is to improve the design of turbine engine rotors and safety and efficiency. Learn more.

80-10092008-885350L Uncertainty Quantification of Test Derived Model Parameters 

This program implements a Bayesian framework for uncertainty quantification of material parameters needed for life prediction of polymer matrix composite (PMC) bolted joints. Accurate estimations of fatigue strength parameters and their distributions are needed for durability assessment of composite airframes with bolted joints. Learn more.

config_tools Physics-Based MDAO Tool for CMC Blades and Vanes Conceptual Design

The proposed work entails developing a reliability analysis tool consistent with conceptual-level design for ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine blades and vanes. The analysis software will comprise a suite of physics-based discipline specific analysis code modules. Learn more.

icon-plane   Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Airborne Laser Operations

N&R Engineering is excited to be partnering with NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) on a new project that seeks a high level of public safety for current and future NASA lidar systems. To do so, N&R will be enlisting a Probabilistic Risk Assessment to see how Earth’s inhabitants are being affected by our changing climate. Learn more.

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