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N&R Engineering Management & Services Corporation is an engineering services company that specializes in applied research and development and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our main customers are government agencies such as NASA, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. We often partner with other engineering companies with complementary analyses capabilities for bidding on government contracts. Lastly, we provide engineers as consultants to NASA and original equipment manufacturing companies to help these organizations meet their peak staffing needs.

Our primary technical strengths are: reliability analysis, controls engineering, and analyzing aero-space structures built from composite materials.

With a 15-year history and a team of highly trained professionals, we help our clients achieve effective results that take their ideas and processes to new heights. We are proud of the success we’ve accomplished and have diversified our portfolio of offerings to keep us a top-of-mind choice.

Our Capabilities:

• Structural Analysis – Linear, Non-Linear, Thermal
• Reliability and Physics-based Risk Analyses
• Composites Structural Analysis
• Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
• Quality Assurance
• Adaptive Control System Design and Analysis
• Mathematical Modeling of Aerospace Components and System Performance
• Engineering Software Development 

Our Mission:

To become our customers’ first choice for engineering and technical services.

Achieved by:

  •  Staying focused on customer goals
  •  Hiring and assigning highly skilled employees to tasks
  •  Exceeding customer expectations and providing the best value
  •  Meeting our customers’ timelines for all deliverables
  •  Continuously improving current skills and learning new ones
  •  Interacting with and receiving regular feedback from customers

Additional Materials:

N&R White Paper: A brief overview of our accomplishments, process, and capabilities.

N&R Speciality White Paper: A deeper dive into our work portfolio, client list, and departments.

Aircraft Propulsion Capabilities White Paper: A close look at N&R’s experience and understanding of aircraft propulsion.

We invite you to explore our company and get to know our staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.